BHS Honors Latin 4
salvēte omnēs! 


This is an upper-level Latin course based on ancient Roman literature. The course will provide information to the student in the areas of advanced syntax, word etymology, Roman culture and philosophy. Materials for the course will include various readings of ancient authors (both in Latin and in English). Close attention will be given to the study of each author's place in history, as well as to his syntax, including sentence, clause and phrase construction. Students will learn the intricacies of scanning various forms of Latin meter.  Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting the thoughts and feelings of the ancient Romans and their life experiences to those of people today. Among the literature that students will read during this year are works by Ovid and Virgil.

Students will finish the Cambridge Latin Course (Unit 4) and then move on to Roman literature which could include Vergil, Plautus, Pliny, Ovid and Horace.