BMS Latin 6
salvēte omnēs! 


The primary goal of this course is to give the students an introduction to the basics of the Latin language and a perspective into Roman and Greek culture. Pronunciation, sentence structure, and vocabulary will be stressed in the linguistic aspect, and daily life, mythology, and history will be stressed in the cultural aspect of the course. Through translations about Roman and Greek mythology and about a typical Roman family in the first century CE the students will gain a basic working knowledge of the language. The vocabulary studied will be such that etymology and derivation of English words, prefixes, and suffixes will be made obvious and parallels will frequently be drawn.  Latin provides students with an appreciation for ancient societies and shows how they influence many modern societies.  Students will be working from three books, Learning Latin through Mythology, First Latin: A Language Discovery Program, and Salvete! A First Course In Latin, providing activities to serve as an introduction to Latin and providing logical links to the 7th and 8th grade program.