BMS Latin 8

salvēte omnēs!


The 8th Grade Latin course is a continuation of Latin 7. Therefore, successful completion of Latin 7 is a requirement for enrolment in this course. In Latin 8, students learn in great detail the effects of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on the surrounding cities. Since Pompeii is no more, students learn about life in the Roman provinces (specifically Egypt and Britain). The similarities and differences between provincial life and that of the city of Pompeii are explored. Added attention is given to Latin derivation of English vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Desired outcomes for this course include the students’ ability to produce fluent English translations or summaries of Latin stories, understand Latin foundations of other languages, and develop an appreciation of the ancient cultures of Rome and its provinces. 


This course uses audio-visual resources and computer programs to offer a hands-on approach to learning. Through the Fusion web page (as well as this page) students are provided the opportunity to practice and study their Latin by playing teacher-created computer games at home or at school. Another web-based study aid for vocabulary can be found at

In the spring, students who take this course will sit for the National Latin Exam: Latin I.

This course is considered the second half of the High School Latin I course. After successful completion of this course, students may choose to enroll in Latin II in 9th grade.