Martin, Judi


Welcome to Ms. Martin's Latin classes at the Bernardsville Middle School and Bernards High School.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year full of fun educational opportunities for my students.  During class, we will make use of technology (ChromeBooks, SMART Board, cell phones, iPads, iPods, websites and much more!) in our study of the language and culture of Ancient Rome.  

These SharpSchool web pages will contain all daily assignments (each class has a folder called "Assignment Charts" where the week's assignments will be posted on a regular basis).  These charts will contain Objectives, Classwork and Homework.  Students who miss class can find out what they have missed from these assignment charts which will be both posted in the Latin classroom and given out to students on a weekly basis. 

Please note:  I will make an attempt to post daily homework assignments to Google Classroom (so that they may appear daily in Google Calendar).   To do so is still a very cumbersome and time-consuming process.  I will definitely post the weekly assignment charts both to this site as well as to Google Classroom.

These SharpSchool web pages will also contain helpful study guides (usually PowerPoint Presentations) and handouts which student may use to study for tests and quizzes.    

"Magistra" Martin 
(This picture was taken on the roof of the Forum Hotel in Rome...
the Forum Romanum is in the background!)

It is my hope that my Latin students will see that Latin is not a dead least not here in the SHSD!