Thurlow, Allen

Hello My Name Is...


Hello, I am Mr. Thurlow, Bedwell alumni, graduate of Bernards High School, former 4th grade teacher, and current Technology & Design teacher. I have also coached boys soccer at Bernards High School for since 2005, helping them win 2 state championships, and several conference titles.  Most recently, I have received my masters in Instructional Media from Wilkes University, and last year I am proud to announce that I received an Air Force Association Chapter Teacher of the year in technology!  


I encourage my students to "think outside the box" by working on creative design projects involving technology.  I also believe in students becoming "problem solvers," and learn to work independently as well as cooperatively in groups. We have many ipads in the classroom, google chromebooks, a 3-d makerbot printer, and even a fish tank!

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Thank you!

-Mr. Thurlow